Under-eye filler injection - under-eye correction

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With filler injections under the eyes we can treat dark and hollow circles under the eyes, which are often caused by tissue laxity and sagging in the area, that in turn exposes the tear duct in a cavity.

Hollow and dark circles under the eyes are often a problem already at a younger age (around 30), when the skin in this area is often thin and translucent. The area under the eyes is one of the most challenging areas on the face, because it is very delicate and anatomically complex.

What should be considered when correcting the circles under the eyes?

Before correcting the dark circles under the eyes, it is very important to consider whether, what and by whom the fillers should be injected under the eyes, because an unsuitable preparation and/or wrong injection technique can bring an unnatural result and cause swelling that will last many years after the injection procedure

In case of hollows and dark circles under the eyes, the most important thing in addition to the correct injection technique is the correct choice of the injectable. For this purpose our beauty clinic uses the Teoxane Redensity 2 injectable, which is specially designed for under-eye filling and is approved by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). Superficial injection techniques should be avoided, as these often result in the so-called Tyndall effect, where the gel becomes visible as a hue through the skin, causing an unnatural bluish reflection of light and subcutaneous swelling in the injected area. For this we use a special microcannula, which guarantees maximum safety for the patient and the best possible administration of the preparation. Another and a slightly more permanent alternative to filler injections is the transfer of fat, which also helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes, smooth out the wrinkles around the eyes and fill in the hollow areas around the eyes.

What is the under-eye correction procedure?

Before injecting the filler into the under-eye area, the presence of under-eye swelling and the elasticity of the skin are assessed, using the Pinch test (squeezing and lifting the skin with fingers*), and the hypertrophy of the under-eye fat (volumetric increase of the fat) is assessed.

In most cases, we start the correction of dark circles with an iPRF procedure, to improve the quality, tone, texture, elasticity, firmness, etc. of the skin.

If necessary, we add hyaluronic acid injectables to the procedure to support tear ducts and tissues around the eyes.

What are the contraindications of under-eye injections?

  • Under-eye swelling or festoons, meaningn that the swelling also entails sagging of the skin and weakness of the orbicularis oculi muscles.
  • Swelling caused by earlier filler injections.
  • If the dark under-eye area is caused by excess pigment (melanin), i.e. hyperpigmentation.
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding.
  • Skin inflammation in the area to be injected.
  • Herpes outbreak.


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